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Totara LMS announces Roadmap for New Features

Written by Andrea Coupland
Wednesday, 20 April 2011 08:55

Totara LMS, the open source LMS for the corporate sector based on Moodle has announced a development roadmap. The roadmap, which is out for consultation with partners and subscribers, includes new talent management modules to manage appraisals and 360 feedback and an exciting new program management feature to create learning paths, mandatory learning and recurring learning requirements.

The new features include:

  • Program management to build complex learning paths
  • Improved classroom management functionality
  • Commenting and evidence management in learning plans
  • Appraisal process component
  • Gap analysis and 360 degree feedback tool

These new features are detailed on the Totara LMS website at

The program / curriculum management proposed feature which will be available this autumn offers the capability to build more complex learning paths by defining rules and assigning these paths (programs) to individuals, job roles or part of the organisation. The functionality includes:

  • Ability to define mandatory / regulatory courses
  • Ability to define recurrence of required completion (e.g. once every two years)
  • Ability to define pre-requisites and complex dependencies between courses
  • Ability to define dependencies based on events and elapsed time (e.g. within 4 weeks of joining)

Totara LMS already has a range of enhancements over and above the wide ranging functionality available in Moodle. These enhancements are designed specifically for corporate organisations and include:

  • Individual development plans
  • Classroom management
  • Team management
  • Competency management
  • Learning paths
  • Sophisticated reporting
  • Enhanced search

Sven Laux, Totara Product Director, commented: “We have been in discussions with partners and customers since we launched Totara and the new features set out in this roadmap are the result of these discussions. Throughout the next year we aim to extend the functionality in a number of key areas such as Program Management.”

Richard Wyles, CEO of Totara, commented: “The proposed roadmap will further improve the ability of Totara LMS to enable organizations to manage learning and performance effectively. We aim to continually improve and update Totara to meet the needs of our growing list of clients.”

Last Updated ( Friday, 16 September 2011 09:00 )