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Learning Plans

Written by Andy Kirk
Friday, 09 March 2012 15:28



“Your people are your greatest asset”, as the saying goes.


Employees are most likely the biggest cost and management challenge in your organisation, and it is critically important to align employee development with organisational strategies.

Totara Learning Plans allow your employees to develop the specific competencies needed to improve performance in their present position or to prepare for new responsibilities. The plan provides quick and targeted access to relevant learning whether face to face events or e-learning; and enables employees to see their progress at a glance.



Learning Plan templates

  • Create multiple learning plan templates based on user groups.
  • Competencies and courses can be automatically pulled into learning plans.

Personalised learning

  • Users or managers can create learning plans for different areas of development, such as current and aspirational positions.
  • Learners can personalise plans by setting due dates, priorities and objectives.
  • Learners can use the development plan to manage the scheduling of their courses and other learning activities.
  • Additional competencies and courses can be requested by the learner or added by their manager.

Learning Records

  • Completed learning plans contribute to an employee’s record of learning.
  • Managers can monitor the ongoing progress of their team’s development.
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