Totara Roadmap

Written by Andrea Coupland
Tuesday, 19 April 2011 09:47

Totara LMS subscribers access a continuous stream of incremental improvements to current functionality and major new feature releases. That list of continuous improvements is dynamic and changing with every point release, and this is fully documented in the Subscriber Community.

The Totara Roadmap identifies much larger scale improvements and feature additions we currently have planned. We review our roadmap regularly in collaboration with Totara Partners and Subscribers.

Totara LMS Versions

Totara LMS aligns its release numbering system so that it is easier to understand the connection between the Totara LMS distribution and the foundation code from Moodle.

A distribution is a ready-made extended version of the standard product with its own particular focus and vision. Our vision for Totara is specifically focused on the requirements of corporate, industry and vocational training in contrast to a standard Moodle's traditional educational setting.

While Totara LMS is separate from Moodle, we keep it in step with Moodle versions going forward, and our version numbering system will indicate which version of Moodle is being used for the Totara distribution. See Totara and Moodle for more details.

Upcoming releases

Previous releases

Totara LMS Mobile 1.4 - To be released Q3 2014

We will soon be releasing an HTML5-based mobile app for Totara LMS based on the Moodle Mobile app. We will also be contributing many significant improvements to the next major release of Moodle Mobile (in version 1.4). Our initial release will include many extensions to support key interaction with Totara LMS, and will have a release number aligned with Moodle Mobile.

Feature Description
General navigation The initial release of Totara LMS Mobile will allow Learners to perform the following navigational functions:
  • View an HTML representation of the home page
  • Browse Course and Program Category
  • See upcoming Face-to-face bookings
  • View list of Alerts and see Alert details (for Learner and Managers)
  • View list of Tasks and Task details (for Learner and Managers)
Course and Program interaction

Learners will also be able to interact with Courses and Programs as follows:

  • Self-enroll in Courses
  • View assigned Courses and Programs
  • Link to Courses contained within Programs
  • Access to Activity types within Courses: Feedback, Label, Page, SCORM, and URL
  • Launch and track SCORM Activities directly from Totara LMS
  • Self-complete Activities
Other key features

The app will also include the following capabilities:

  • Login via SSO to Totara LMS
  • Connection status monitoring
  • Support for theming

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Totara LMS 2.6 - Released 06th May 2014

Feature Description
Enhanced Learner Catalog We are very pleased to be releasing a robust, user-friendly, "front-end" Catalog for Learners. The Categories system for Courses, Programs, and Certifications found in prior versions of Totara will remain in the platform as an Administration Catalog (i.e., a hierarchical category system to support "back-end" learning administration). The new features for the Learner interface will feature:
  • Simple Search
  • Dynamic Faceted Filters
  • Interactive display of Course/Program/Certification information
  • Audience-based visibility
This feature will also be supported by the following improvements:
  • Extension of custom fields to Programs and Certifications
  • A new Custom Field type for Courses and Programs named 'Multi-select' that also includes icon mapping
  • New Report Builder features: Simple Search Toolbar and Dynamic Faceted Filtering
Thanks to Compass Group USA (for funding this work) and Kineo US.
Face-to-face improvements Our Face-to-face activity module will include:
  • New Face-to-face Summary report source
  • New setting to turn off all Face-to-face notifications at system level
  • ILT sessions can now be reserved by managers (thanks to Xtractor and Synergy Learning)
  • New "reason" text field for Managers when approving/declining requests
  • Additional email substitution variables for Face-to-face notifications
  • Improvements to bulk-taking attendance in Face-to-face activities
  • Session start/end date filters have been added to the Face-to-face Sessions report source
Report Builder improvements Totara's powerful reporting engine will have these innovations:
  • Improved interface for saving searches
  • Updated support for Google integration and exporting to Google Fusion Tables
  • Support for "My staff or any below" in content restrictions
  • Support for Embedded Reports from plugins (thanks to Catalyst EU)
  • Report sources can now use custom group names for user fields (thanks to Catalyst EU)
  • Enrolment plugins can now define report sources (thanks to Catalyst EU)
Other minor improvements The following enhancements will be included in this release:
  • Fully-supported, fully-responsive theme based on the Twitter bootstrap framework
  • Extensive support for enabling/disabling functional components (e.g., Performance Management) via the UI
  • Ability for Learners to select their Position, Organisation, and Manager when self-registering
  • Support for relative dates in Program Management and Audience Management rules
  • Ability to assign Roles to Audiences
  • Ability to upload icons to Courses and Programs
  • Ability to upload graphics for Certificates
  • New capability to allow access to Record of Learning of other users
  • Totara Sync support for forcing password changes in new user accounts
  • Totara Sync now allows import of a 'emailstop' field for user accounts
Moodle 2.6 functionality All Moodle 2.6 features including:
  • Refined Category and Course management interface
  • Enhanced Capability overview tool
  • Improved SCORM player with responsive design elements
  • Upgraded TinyMCE HTML Editor with additional enhancements
  • Full compliance of External Tool module with LTI v1p1
  • Email digest settings for each Forum activity
  • Simplified password recovery
  • Numerous performance improvements

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Totara LMS 2.5 - Released 31st October 2013

Feature Description
Performance Management Module We will design and build an integrated performance management tool in alignment with the following principles:
  • A holistic process bringing together many of the elements that make up the successful practice of people management
  • Activities that ensure that organisational goals are consistently being met in an effective and efficient manner
  • Tools to support the concept of continuous cycle of planning, coaching and appraisal
To enable this we will:
  • Create company wide and personal goals and track progress towards meeting those goals
  • Create custom appraisal forms and assign them to groups of users
  • Track appraisal progress with summary and detailed reports
  • Create 360 feedback forms and assign them to groups of users
  • Allow users to monitor 360 feedback they have received
Thanks to GKN and BMI for part funding this work.
 Certifications We will introduce a type of Program that can expire after a set time and can be retaken. The feature will allow Administrators to:
  • Manage expiration periods and recertification windows
  • Define recertification paths when recertification involves completion of a different set of courses to the original certification path
  • Reset certain activities within courses to support the same user taking a course multiple times
  • View a course completion history report showing previous completion attempts
  • Use a course completion import tool for uploading legacy completion data
Thanks to BMI for funding this work.
Audience-based Visibility We will introduce an alternative way of managing course and program visibility across the whole site. This improvement will allow courses and programs to be made visible and accessible to specific audiences only. Thanks to Kineo US and Learning Pool.
Experimental Responsive Theme A new Totara LMS theme based on Twitter bootstrap will be designed to responsively scale the platform for any device size. This theme will be initially classed as 'experimental'. We plan to improve the theme in Totara LMS 2.5 point releases and to fully support it in Totara 2.6.
Other improvements The following new features will also be included:
  • Manager Delegation
  • Program Progress report source
  • Report builder PDF export
  • Customisable report builder filter names
  • Instant course and program completion
Moodle 2.5 functionality All Moodle 2.5 features including:
  • New admin tool for installing add-ons
  • Transparency and RGB support in the themes colour picker
  • Collapsible form sections to improve the usability of large forms
  • Reduced size description field and simplified default editor
  • Search the list of users enrolled in a course
  • New assignment settings for handling resubmissions

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Totara LMS 2.4 - Released 30 April 2013

Feature Description
Improvements to Classroom Module The following functionality was built on the existing Face-to-face module:
  • Training room management
  • Instructor conflict management
  • Bulk upload of attendees
  • Bulk messaging attendees
  • Bulk mark attendance
  • Enhanced notification functionality
Open Badges Ability to issue, manage and display digital badges supporting Mozilla’s Open Badges initiative. Learn more about this exciting new feature here.
Enhancements to Learning Plan functionality
  • Learning plan evidence tab
  • Improvements to plan templates
Moodle 2.4 functionality All Moodle 2.4 features including:
  • Various activity improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Course format plugins
  • Improved TinyMCE HTML editor
  • Integration of external calendars

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Totara LMS 2.2 - Released 15 August 2012

Feature Description
Audience Management Audience Management allows site-wide user groups to be dynamically populated via unlimited combinations of rules built on supplied HR data, user completion records, and other collected user metrics. The feature also allows each group to be assigned to a limitless number of courses and programmes. The feature is especially powerful when used with Totara’s HR Sync. With both features enabled, your organisation’s enrolments throughout your learning catalogue will be automatically updated based on your regular HR feed and the extensive range of business rules you define.
Totara Sync Totara HR Sync more easily enables integrations with 3rd party systems such as Peoplesoft, SAP or other HRIS. It enables the synchronisation of user, position and organisation hierarchies between Totara and an external source.
Moodle 2.2 functionality All Moodle 2.2 features including:
  • AICC HACP standard support
  • Advanced grading methods
  • Improved SCORM reporting
  • IMS LTI standard support
  • Web service improvements

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The Totara Roadmap identifies much larger scale improvements and feature additions we currently have planned. We review our roadmap regularly in collaboration with Totara Partners and Subscribers.

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