4 emerging LMS fundamentals you need to know [Webinar]

4 emerging LMS fundamentals you need to know [Webinar]


17th January 2018, 9am PST



The LMS journey can be unruly with many paths either leading you astray or closer to your goal. Why waste your time when we have already explored and identified paths that pioneer sustained performance above and beyond the next year? In Lambda Solutions' live webinar, Erin Melvin, Manager of Learning and Development, will reveal and discuss these curated fundamentals so you can get most out of your LMS investment. Register now so you can be in even better shape to:

  • Replace those gut feelings you may have had with data-driven decisions
  • Proactively anticipate your users’ needs and captivate their attention
  • Unravel the complexities behind implementing compliance training programs
  • Blitz through menial and repetitive tasks with your LMS

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Meet the presenter

Erin works closely with clients at Lambda Solutions from first login to launch, ensuring that they have maximised the features in their LMS for business success. Erin guides each of her clients to setup their LMS so that they can use data to drive the success of their initiative with a data-informed decision-making approach. With over a decade of experience teaching in the post-secondary environment, Erin knows how to gauge the learning needs of your team, whether you are super tech savvy or new to online learning.  In a pursuit to stay ahead of today’s learning requirements, Erin spearheaded the latest revision of Lambda’s Learning Space. She is passionate about providing inspired learning, finding the best solutions for your LMS configuration needs and most importantly, seeing clients succeed.


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