The changing skill set of the learning professional [WEBINAR]

The changing skill set of the learning professional [WEBINAR]


February 8, 2018 from 10am to 11am



Skills define us. They are what make us useful and productive. As a learning professional, our skills need to be constantly updated as we respond to a changing world around us.

Perhaps more than ever before, we need new skills to respond to the developing expectations of both employees and our key stakeholders, and to take advantage of the fantastic opportunities afforded by technology.

In this webinar, Barry and Lars will explain:

  • why skills matter to the learning professional
  • how the demands on the learning professional are shifting
  • the L&D skills that will be most needed in the next ten years
  • why skills must be underpinned with an up-to-date knowledge of evidence-based principles of learning and teaching
  • the new and exciting ways that skills and knowledge can be developed online

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Speakers: Barry Sampson, Co-Founder, Skills Journey and Lars Hyland, General Manager EMEA, Totara Learning

Organized By: Donald H Taylor

Barry Sampson
Barry Sampson is one of the founders of Skills Journey. He has worked in learning and development for nearly two decades and for much of that time he has been helping people make sense of technology and what it can do to make learning easier and more accessible. His time is split between creating videos, screencasts, animated videos, interactive content and other media - and teaching other people how to do it themselves. In a past life he was Learning Technology Manager at a large UK corporate, where he worked on a number of award-winning elearning and blended learning programmes, and championed the use of emerging tools.

Lars Hyland
A well-known figure in the learning technology community, Lars Hyland has championed the adoption of innovative blended learning design to reap not just greater cost efficiency but real changes in learning effectiveness and engagement. Lars has experience consulting with a wide range of organisations across many sectors and regions leveraging technology to build workplace learning experiences that raise people performance, productivity, and engagement.
Lars has held senior management positions with a number of pioneering learning companies and now leads the drive for adoption of Totara Learning's open source enterprise learning platforms, Totara Learn and Totara Social working in collaboration with a worldwide network of expert partners.


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