Give your learners a next-generation experience - now! [Webinar]

Give your learners a next-generation experience - now! [Webinar]


29th June, 10-11am BST


LSG webinar

Is your learning platform already next generation and you just didn’t know it? Discover how you can transform your LMS from a place to store learning to a learning gateway – a place that promotes sharing knowledge and changing behaviours. The challenge with many learning platforms is how quickly they can become outdated and fail to meet the demands of today’s workforce. Just like with a website, learning platforms should continually pull your target audience back in. Join Steve Foy (Kineo’s Solution Consultant) and Ryan O’Malley (Kineo’s Solutions Architect) as they explore how you can push the boundaries of what’s possible with an LMS. As the founder of Totara LMS and a current platinum partner, Kineo is sharing the key to developing a flexible and future-proofed solution that continually evolves to meet demands. Totara LMS is an open source solution that is flexible, scalable and extensible to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes worldwide. As the platform has evolved over the years, Totara and Kineo have learned a thing or two about staying ahead of the curve. Sign up to this webinar to discover:

  • What a next-generation LMS looks like
  • How you can future-proof your solution
  • How to design an LMS to engage your audience
  • The next generation platform is already here. Save your spot to discover how you can use tools already available.

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