Who We Are

Our mission is to change how learning technologies are developed, delivered and purchased.  We take that mission seriously. Let us explain why.

We live in an ever-changing world. To be successful there is a constant need to learn new skills, knowledge and behaviours. Organisations need to adapt to stay ahead. Therefore, having the freedom to adapt is critical.  Unfortunately, what we mostly see from software vendors is this feature versus that feature, our price versus their price. Then they lock you in. With long contracts. With closed software. You’ve lost control. You can’t adapt to changing needs. 

Yes, we’ve got great features. And, because we don’t have license fees, our pricing is incredibly compelling. But on top of those benefits what’s really transformative is our open source business model. Open source delivers software freedom. Freedom to innovate, integrate and extend. Freedom to choose your provider. Freedom to leave, and take the code with you… These freedoms are really powerful, and once a customer enjoys those freedoms they wonder why the rest of the world isn’t this way. 

Our company ethos is open. We enjoy building honest, collaborative and service focused relationships with our partners and customers. It’s the open secret to our success. 

Why we chose the name Totara

The Totara tree is native to New Zealand, and has long been revered by Maori, as well as early European settlers for its diverse qualities and uses. The Totara possesses flexibility, strength and durability, properties we strive to emulate at Totara. 

Totara software is open source, highly flexible and is used in a diverse range of sectors and organisations. Like the Totara tree, Totara learning technologies are designed for strength, with a powerful and growing feature-set. 

When selecting Totara as our brand, we couldn’t think of a better representative for our brand values, a tree that offers so much, truly a tree of knowledge.

Freedom to learn.
Open source learning technologies to manage, develop and connect your people.

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