Why we love Open Source

Our strong commitment to open source software freedoms mean we don’t have hidden commercial licenses for separate versions which aren’t really open source.

Ever heard of 'open core' or 'crippleware'? Well, rest assured we don’t do any of that.

Our Subscription Services are for support, not software licensing. We fully believe in software freedom including the guarantee of liberty from a single vendor.

Freedom to Innovate: Totara code is open. You are free to adapt, extend and customise. Build upon our best-of-breed open source products to create innovative solutions for your specific context. Contact our Partners for customised development options and integration services.

Lower total cost of ownership: With zero licence fees, Totara is up to 80% more cost effective than closed systems with comparative features. We believe in enabling organisations, large and small, to reap the benefits of high-end business tools like Totara for a much lower investment.

Security and reliability: Firstly, as part of our service offering we regularly commission penetration testing from independent software security specialists. Plus our own expert team is constantly testing and enhancing the software. On top of all that, your own organisation or your technology partner can review the code against your internal policies and standards. 

Freedom to control your ICT future: With Totara you are free from multi-year contracts. You are free from restrictive licensing. For example, use Totara with your extended enterprise (suppliers, partners, customers, distributors). You are free to be agile and control your ICT future. 

Open source software can be tailored to your needs: you aren't dependent on a single vendor's idea of what its customers' needs are. Totara Partners around the world can support your requirements and customise the platform for specific requirements. 

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