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Enhance your Totara LMS with a new content curation plugin

The world doesn’t stand still. Every day there are new industry developments, research reports, case studies, product launches and articles. One of the big challenges we face is providing our learners with new and updated content to this external content as part of the continuous learning process. There’s too much content, too little time. It’s not practical to update your e-learning and blended courses every day. But the good news is you can now deliver fresh and relevant external content to your Totara LMS daily with a new free plugin, which you can download and try today.

Is the world passing you by? The importance of external content

Research shows that only 10% of what we learn comes through formal course-based learning. External content is an increasingly important part of learning content. This content supports informal learning, social learning and microlearning. Formal, approved and structured content is still critical but it is simply not possible for learning departments to produce content on all the latest developments, including new research published this morning.

So what can we all to do stay on top of new developments? We all have different habits. Typically learners access external content through a variety of sources. They may use Google, news feeds, LinkedIn, Twitter lists, industry sites and blogs. However, this process takes a lot of time, the effort to find content is duplicated and given how much noise there is out there on the web, we all may still miss relevant articles.

What we need are better ways of filtering, streamlining and selecting relevant content from multiple sources to help us stay smart and learn every day. That’s where content curation comes in.

Content curation: sounds great! How do we actually do it?

You’ve probably heard a lot about content curation - it’s the buzzword of the hour in learning. There are many definitions, but this one works well:

A content curator is someone who continually finds, groups, organises and shares the best and most relevant content on a specific issue online. The most important component of this job is the word 'continually'.

Sounds great. But who’s going to do this, and how?

In an ideal world the L&D team could - arguably should - support internal teams by curating the most important and relevant external content. However, this is no easy task with millions of new articles being published every day across many hundreds or even thousands of topics.

Picture yourself trying to filter articles on thousands of topics from millions of sites for your product team, sales team, leadership team, and doing it every day. Nobody has the time. This is where the new content curation plugin from Anders Pink for Totara LMS can help you.

This new Totara LMS plugin allows you to easily curate, control and display relevant external content alongside your blended programmes and courses. This content can be updated automatically every few hours, or you can manually curate and decide which articles to display.

Automate and streamline your content

With Anders Pink you can automatically curate content from across the whole of the web. You simply create rules or filters for your curated content and Anders Pink will crawl millions of articles every day to find content that matches your curation rules. For example, you can choose to curate:

  • only articles on leadership from Harvard (or any sites you choose)
  • all articles about e-learning trends from across the web
  • articles on Facebook marketing tips
  • articles shared by specific leadership influencers
  • articles on social learning from the top 40 leadership blogs
  • latest articles published by specific companies such as clients or competitors

You can use any combination of keywords, domains, Twitter sharers or RSS feeds.

Anders Pink delivers the content as a briefing which is updated every few hours. You can choose to display any number of articles from this briefing automatically.

Hand-pick your curated content from the automated feed

You can also curate content manually. imply review the articles Anders Pink brings back each day and save the ones most important to your learners to a saved board. You can then choose to display this curated content. In this way you can really control the content that is displayed.

Display curated content in your courses

Where do we want learners to discover curated content? Right alongside the rest of their learning.

You can display your briefings directly in your Totara LMS on any page or course. You can choose a variety of layouts, see the image below which shows content displayed in three different layouts.

Anders Pink plugin for Totara LMS

Thus you can now provide fresh new content daily to your learners to support your courses. The content is automatically updated every few hours.  

Curate as part of your blends:

  • Embed the latest external articles on leadership as part of your leadership course
  • Curate a reading list on trends in cloud computing and start a discussion on the impact of these trends
  • Set an assignment to analyse and share views on emerging trends in AI based on latest articles
  • Show the latest industry news on your Totara LMS home page

The video below provides an overview of how the content curation block works.

The free version provides 8 free pre-set briefings you can display inside your Totara LMS which are updated every four hours. The 8 briefings are:

  • Latest world news
  • Business news
  • Technology news
  • Leadership articles
  • Copywriting tips
  • Team building tips
  • Employee engagement
  • Latest e-learning articles

Download and install the content curation plugin

You create your own custom curated briefings on any topic you want. Just sign up and request a free trial API key.


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