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Everything you need to know about Totara Learn 12's course catalogue

The new course catalogue available in Totara Learn 12 provides user-friendly display options allowing learners to intuitively browse training content ensuring finding training is easier than ever. Upload and show off your own learning content or access thousands of training courses from our trusted content partners via Content Marketplace.

Highly customisable

You’re in control when it comes to defining how users see their learning content. Courses, programs and certifications can all display based on a template that you define. Include a range of elements to encourage and motivate learners such as a progress bar to ensure learners know exactly how much of the training content they’ve completed.

Display training content in either a grid or a list format and give your learners control over which view they’d rather use. Make your courses stand out by including a specific course image for every course, or if they’re part of a series provide uniformity by using the same image.

Let your learners know the type of activities they can expect in the course at a glance by including course icons. Icons will allow learners to see whether the course includes activities such as face-to-face training, assessments or any social elements.

Recommended learning

Choices can be great but knowing exactly which course to take might be a little daunting for a learner. Fortunately, in the new course catalogue there are many ways to guide your learners to the content that’s the right fit for them! One great new way to ensure learners are guided to taking certain courses is to highlight recommend learning by using the featured learning function. Featured learning allows you to define items by criteria and highlight training to learners as featured courses. Criteria can be set up to include things such as the course type, for example, if the course is purely online, or whether it involves any face-to-face elements. Criteria can also be set using tags and custom fields so that certain key words such as ‘data management’ will ensure the course appears as a featured course in the catalogue.

Keep it relevant

Aside from recommending certain courses to learners you’re also able to hide courses to ensure learners don’t become overwhelmed by all the training available in the system. If your learners only need to see courses on health and safety, you can add them to a health and safety ‘audience’ and then only show them the training that they require. Visibility rules and audiences are a powerful function in Totara Learn that enables you to create personalised learning journeys for your users across the whole platform.  

Learners can also share courses with other users so that the whole team can quickly enrol and start learning.

Search smarter

Whilst you can recommend certain courses and hide other courses from learners, they’re still likely to want to search the catalogue for specific training. Learners can use the search box to search for terms included in the course name, summary, tags and text based custom fields, so they’re bound to quickly find what they’re looking for.

Filters are another great way to help learners manage and find specific learning content. On the left side of the catalogue, Site Administrators can set up a range of filters, or titles, that can be presented to learners.

Filters ensure that search functionality is optimised as they can be based on custom fields and tags which gives you powerful flexibility to set up filters based on virtually anything.

Show me more

Once a user finds training content that appeals to them, they can select the item and be able to see more details about the course such as a short description. Not only can you populate this section with more detail, but you can also add a link to view the content or allow learners to enrol directly. It’s really up to you as to what you include here, so you can choose to keep it short, or provide a lot of detail to your learners when they’d like to find out more about a course.

So, if you’re ready to upgrade to Totara Learn 12 then you can start using the course catalogue today! Watch the video below for more information about Totara Learn 12's course catalogue, and if you think this could be useful in your organisation, please get in touch today.


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