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How Totara Partner Xtractor became one of Sweden’s best workplaces

For the second year in a row, Totara Partner Xtractor has been ranked as one of Sweden’s best workplaces by Great Place To Work.

Great Place to Work is a research company which each year carries out a global workplace study. In the study, the quality of thousands of organisations across the world is examined, from the employees’ as well as the employers’ perspective. This year, Xtractor managed to repeat last year’s success and maintained its spot on Great Place to Work’s coveted list of Sweden’s best workplaces, within the small organisations category.

Xtractor, a rapidly growing company within e-learning and learning management systems, is putting massive effort into being a competitive employer. On the basis of a thoroughly thought-out employee philosophy, with personal growth as a key element, Xtractor draws up individual action plans and sets clearly defined goals for all employees.

We have asked Niklas Harging, CEO at Xtractor, a few questions.

What’s most important when building a strong business culture?

Clarity. You have to set a clear goal and draw up a clear and convincing action plan on how your company is going to get there. The action plan should be broken down into management, section and personal levels. I think that the motivation of most people at a workplace has a certain 'burning time'. This burning time is reduced if the work you do is not recognised or if you feel your tasks aren’t that important. When the burning time has come to an end, you want to move on to a new employer and work with new things. To prevent this from happening, I think it’s important to draw up individual action plans for all employees, action plans that point out how they are to reach their set goals. As a result, the employees find their tasks important and meaningful. And when we follow up on the action plans later on, the employees get acknowledged for their efforts and feel appreciated and motivated to go on. To be efficient, the goals and the action plans must be followed up on a regular basis.

How do you create confidence and commitment among your employees?

We formulate clearly defined goals for the company and communicate them to the staff. And we celebrate when our goals are reached. All employees are familiar with our goals and have read our business plan. It makes them feel involved – and allows for a better understanding of the decisions that we make. Our employees can also participate in meetings concerning our company’s strategies, product development and work procedures. That way, they can influence where Xtractor is heading.

Why is staff satisfaction so important?

I always say that internal success is a prerequisite for external success. If our employees are satisfied and motivated, they will do a better job for our customers. At Xtractor, we follow up our business based on four key figures – and one of those is satisfied employees. Staff satisfaction isn’t costly for us. It’s the very foundation of success and therefore a purely commercial and strategic decision.

What kind of competence or attitude do you need to do well at Xtractor?

You should enjoy working in a goal-oriented environment where your results are measured and followed up. We ensure this already in the interview phase when hiring. If you don’t approve of goal-oriented environments, we’re simply not the right employer for you. But if you like working at high speed and towards clear goals, there are great possibilities for you to do well at Xtractor. High-growth companies like us can always make employees grow within the organisation.

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Xtractor is a leading Swedish provider of workplace learning. We were founded in 1997 and have vast experience in successfully delivering bespoke e-learning, blended learning, m-learning as well as corporate LMS solutions. On our customer list we have many of the major corporations in Sweden. As a full service Totara partner we provide services regarding installation, implementation, customization, theme design, content creation, training, support and hosting.

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