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Inside #LPLive: helping Totara LMS customers level-up their learning

It seems like it was only yesterday that I decided to attend the first local Learning Pool Live event. In fact, Learning Pool have been organising these personal events for years and in that time we have seen the company grow so quickly. With the right tools and talent, Learning Pool have been able to drive improvements in lots of organisations, from a 38% reduction in staff turnover to a saving of 80% in training costs.

They understand how valuable conferences can be when you get to network with peers tackling the same challenges as you. That’s why they have been going on several #LPLive tours across the country.

During the day we greeted over 80 Totara LMS users who had come to learn some new tips and listen to presentations given by Learning Pool members. Learning Pool welcomed some big names on the day, including Paul Whidborne from Bucks Fire who spoke about the evolution of the LMS and how they’re using Totara LMS to organise and track their training programs.

Why is Learning Pool upgrading you to Totara LMS 2.9?

For us, it was exciting to hear the news that all customers' LMSs are being upgraded to Totara LMS 2.9 and how passionate the users are about the platform. The features and functions available will give them the chance to get to grips with some significant improvements to the LMS.

“But what happened to version 2.8?”, you may ask. We work in a fast-paced industry, but no, you haven’t missed a release. In 2015, Totara Learning has made the decision to move straight on to version 2.9 to lay the foundations for the next major release, Totara LMS 9.

The latest version comes with a host of new features and upgrades. Classroom Connect will become Seminar, and the reporting options are greatly improved. Some of the other highlights include:

  • Theme management: There’s even more flexibility in the way you can manage teams on your sites. It’s easier to make changes quickly to your site yourself (e.g. edit menu icons, navigation, footer etc.). You can choose from over 600 functions to switch on/off and manipulate some of the look & feel
  • Totara Connect is a single-sign-on and user identity solution for multiple Totara instances. This allows all users or a selected audience to be able to navigate between connected sites using single sign on technology, allowing for more flexibility and ease of use
  • Report Builder Exports is a brand new plugin. All existing export types have been converted to this new plugin type and performance of exports has been significantly improved
  • Audience management is now easier than ever. New settings in audience management allow dynamic audiences to be set up to allow users to be added when they meet the condition but not removed when they no longer meet it
  • Global report restrictions enables enhanced control over users’ report viewing. This allows organisations to view one or more reports but they can choose to view the records that belong to users of that particular organisation
  • New ability to clone reports, its source, columns, filters, and settings. Users can work with different report versions without having to start a new report each time
  • With the handy new program completion block, you can let your users see their progress in a program on any screen
  • The new ‘fixed date’ custom field differs from the current date field in that it is not affected by timezones. The new field type is suitable for uses such as birth dates, anniversaries, employment dates, and other universal events

Other improvements within Totara LMS 2.9 include the ability to customise graph colours in graphical reports, support for anonymous 360 performance management feedback and user-editable personal goal custom fields. With such an abundance of improvements, why wouldn’t you want to upgrade?

Register now for Learning Pool Live 2016 

We are constantly learning, just like our users, so having these Local #LPlive events teaches us not only what our users need, but also how quickly the industry is evolving.

With an amazing lineup of speakers such Perry Timms and David Meade, the next Learning Pool Live is a massive must-attend L&D event for 2016. Register now on the Learning Pool website.

It’s a day filled with sessions covering a range of capabilities to better familiarise yourself with Totara LMS and Adapt Learning, see great case studies, learn from like-minded professionals, and become inspired to revitalise your e-learning. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!


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Learning Pool

Learning Pool provides a comprehensive suite of services around the Totara platform including implementation and technical support to end users. With a particular focus on customers, Learning Pool can also offer a rich suite of off the shelf e-learning, bespoke development services and customisation. Learning Pool is also focused on helping its customers collaborate together and facilitates a free active online community made up of HR and L&D professionals from across a range of sectors. Boasting over 1 million users, Learning Pool has the experience and expertise to help organisations drive real business improvement through a tailored blend of learning technology.

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