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A peek at Multiple Job Assignments in Totara LMS 9

Multiple Job Assignments allows users to hold any number of custom job assignments, with each job optionally linked to a Position, Organisation, Manager, Appraiser and/or Temporary Manager.

This means learners can capture all of their different responsibilities within their roles and across the organisation, and nominate different line managers for each job assignment.

Job assignments are shown against a user’s profile with their primary job shown at the top of the assignments list with all other jobs displayed in order.

My Team

Managers with team members holding multiple job assignments and reporting to other managers, will still see each of their staff within the My Team area and have full access to profile information, records of learning and learning plans.

Seminar Events

When requesting Seminar Event attendance, learners can specify their job assignment relating to the training event, ensuring development relevant to each job assignment is managed effectively and any associated costs tracked against the corresponding budget.

For Seminar Events that require manager approval, learners reporting to multiple managers can choose to select which manager should receive the booking approval request. This allows the corresponding budget holders to approve attendance and manage team member schedules.


Adding Job Assignments

With unique ID numbers, job assignments can be linked to an individual manually through the user profile interface or via the HR Import feature. Managers (and their associated job assignment) can also be linked to individuals manually or automatically via HR Import.

Report Builder

Job Assignment column and search fields are now provided within the Report Builder, and content may be filtered by jobs and corresponding managers, allowing detailed data to be gathered around training, responsibilities across the organisation and team structures.


New rules around primary and other job assignments are available within Dynamic Audiences allowing custom programs, learning plans, goals and/or access rights to be assigned to relevant individuals.

The Multiple Job Assignments functionality offers Totara LMS 9 users a new level of flexibility and granularity to capture, track and report upon learning across the system, providing support to individuals with a variety roles and responsibilities and the specific training and development needs of these learners. If you have any questions about Multiple Job Assignments or any of the other new features in Totara LMS, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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