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Totara Recipe: How to boost employee performance within your organisation

For many managers, the employee performance process can be time consuming and inefficient, leaving them questioning the value of the process. So how can managers ensure their employees are progressing and achieving their goals without becoming overwhelmed by the nitty-gritty of performance management? We’ve put together some tips.


  • Learning management system
  • Goals and objectives
  • Performance reviews
  • Reporting


  • The key of performance management is to set clear goals for your employees
  • Formally document and assign individual job goals and the overall goals of your organisation on the LMS so you can benchmark employee performance and align employee activities with organisational strategy
  • Classify these goals into subgoals to help achieve them in a step-by-step manner


When you’ve created individual goals for your employees, decide on the competencies needed to achieve them. Create competency frameworks and map them to individual employees/teams on the LMS so that they appear automatically in the learning plans of the assigned users.

Create performance appraisal forms and assign them to the various teams in your organisation. Make sure the appraisal process is automated so employee reviews are never delayed. Notify employees on your LMS about the actions needed to be completed on a timely basis, such as completing self-assessments, providing peer feedback and attending the final review with their managers.  

Collect the results of self-assessment from employees to help managers prepare for their performance review. The 360 feedback tool in your LMS enables employees to collect feedback from colleagues quickly and easily.

Serve and enjoy!

  • While the most important aspect of performance management is honest dialogue from both the manager and the employee, your LMS can help make the process quicker and more efficient
  • Discover how Totara LMS can help you improve your performance management process by downloading our free guide


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