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Totara Recipe: How to market your learning

You can have the best learning programme in the world, but it won’t make any difference to your bottom line if nobody knows it exists or how it benefits them. That’s why it’s essential to get a solid internal marketing strategy in place. We’ve put together this recipe to ensure your learners know where to find your learning, how to use it and why it matters.


  • Clear instructions about how to use your systems
  • Internal learning ambassadors
  • A database of all your learners
  • Access to marketing experts
  • An email client
  • Optional: the ability to create print materials


  • Find out where your learners currently go for their company information
  • Conduct research to find out what motivates your audience to engage with learning activities (e.g. performance improvement, recognition, rewards)
  • Decide on a timeframe and some metrics to evaluate success (e.g. the percentage of employees accessing the LMS, course completion rates, average pass rates)


  • Work with your marketing team to create some compelling messaging around your learning offering
  • Enlist the help of a designer to make your materials (such as graphics for emails, banners for the intranet and posters) visually appealing
  • Share your marketing content via the appropriate internal channels, such as email, the LMS, the intranet, via IM or as a print campaign
  • Ask managers to reinforce the importance of the learning to their teams
  • Send out follow up communications to ensure that everyone is engaged

Serve and enjoy!

  • Review your engagement statistics throughout your marketing campaign
  • Remember to update your print materials over time if anything about your learning programme changes

Download the marketing recipe

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