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Totara Recipe: The National Apprenticeship Reforms

This recipe comes from Webanywhere's Philip Rushworth, and is all about the National Apprenticeship Reforms.

The Government National Apprenticeship Reforms intend to give employers more control over designing, choosing and paying for apprenticeship training. However, many training providers are failing to innovate and are relying on traditional classroom methods. Here are a few ingredients to help boost your training, and maximise learner satisfaction and completion.


  • Intuitive learning platform
  • Mobile-ready access to content
  • A mentor available for apprenticeship guidance
  • A tracking dashboard
  • Report builder


  • Meet and engage with the employer to work out what you need to achieve before going live.
  • Research how your learners will access their content. Will it be mobile-ready for progression anytime, anywhere?
  • Create bespoke interactive and engaging content. Think about gamification to motivate learners.
  • Check that your new LMS is scalable. Will it be able to cope with an increase in course modules?
  • A pre-course induction. Do learners know what is expected of them?
  • Identify what your reports need to show. What do you need to know to satisfy the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) requirements?


Using a custom report builder and dashboard will help you stay on top of your key learning metrics and the SFA requirements. Timely communication will encourage learners to keep progressing and complete their courses. Reward active users with badges, rewards and level progressions.

Serve and enjoy!

  • Motivated and engaged learners
  • At-a-glance details of course progressions with a learner dashboard
  • Engagement + motivation = more course completions
  • Timely and detailed metrics satisfying the SFA reporting requirements
  • Maximised payments with a limitless classroom. A scalable e-learning platform can connect with far more learners than traditional teaching

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