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Totara Seminar Management Mission Briefing: Operation Blender

Seminar Management in Totara LMS 9 crime board showing the elements of the new functionality

Something new is coming to Totara LMS. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate a Seminar Event gathering. Don't let us down!

Target: Seminar Activity

Known Associates: Seminar Events

Previous known aliases: Face-to-Face Activity, Face-to-Face Sessions

Manage rooms and dashboard in Totara LMS 9 Seminar Management

Visual Description: Our sources suggest Seminar Activity has recently undergone cosmetic surgery

Last known location: Top-level Site Administration menu

Agency Association: Central Information and Administration

The CIAA’s advanced control centre provides authorised agents with an overview of all Seminar’s activities and Event occurrences and the status of all active training missions. Central Administration handlers can designate meeting areas, specify how many individuals can converge at a location at time, ensure these agents are not expected to undertake a training mission elsewhere and upload geolocation details for all rendezvous points.

Mission Director: Ed Ministrator

Mission Support: Training Handler

Mission Details: You are required to infiltrate a Seminar Event gathering, posing as A. Learner.

This is a limited space, invitation-only gathering, so you will need to confirm your attendance as soon as sign-up opens and before sign-up closes. Approval to attend one of Seminar’s events may require dual approval by a high-ranking official, so ensure our double agent, Señor Manager completes the invitation process.

When you arrive, ensure you register your details on the attendee sign-in sheet provided and gather as much intel during the training mission as possible. Maintain your cover at all times.

Equipment:  Your training mission handler will use the Agency’s new Asset Management technology to ensure no other agents will be using the resources or specialists you require to complete your mission.  

If you have any additional asset requests, please specify these during sign-up.

Remember a permanent record of your success or failure to complete this Training Mission will be noted within your Record of Learning and your commanding officer notified.

Seminar Management is coming in Totara LMS 9. Follow us on social media to be the first to hear about the latest version of our award-winning open source LMS.


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