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What are the advantages of e-learning? [Infographic]

Many companies still aren't sold on the advantages of e-learning, even though it can mean significant time and cost savings for your L&D department. If you're struggling to get your stakeholders on board, HowToMoodle has put together a handy infographic to explain the benefits of e-learning. Whether you're looking to implement change quickly, cut the cost of training or make the best use of your existing resources, e-learning has proven highly beneficial for thousands of businesses worldwide, so simply click on the image below to access the PDF version of the infographic. If you want more information, be sure to check out HowToMoodle's blog post all about the advantages of e-learning.

You can find the original post here on HowToMoodle's blog.


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HowToMoodle is a long-established UK Totara Platinum partner. We provide a complete range of Totara Learn services including hosting, training, implementation consultancy, support and branding.

There are so many organisations that turn to eLearning right now and require a clear-cut solution that just meets their requirements.

Our client centred approach means we’re preferred because we make eLearning easy and our straightforward approach cuts through all the 'noise' in the LMS solutions providers market.

HowToMoodle has been delivering services to a variety of sectors since 2004, enabling organisations to implement successful e-learning projects.

Clients we’ve worked with include Monsoon Accessorize, The Salvation Army, RAF, EDF Energy, Moving Picture Academy, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service and Unicef.

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