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When is an Open SaaS LMS the Right Choice?

Learning management systems are often seen as a prohibitively complex investment for small organisations, with many businesses believing they are too expensive, time consuming and difficult to set up. Understandably, these can be seen as barriers for companies without thousands of users, or on a limited budget. That is why we created Totara Cloud - as a cost-effective, easy solution for smaller organisations looking to get set up quickly with an LMS. So who exactly might benefit from a solution like Totara Cloud?

Emerging businesses managing rapid growth

Just because your business is small now, it won’t necessarily stay that way. If you’re undergoing rapid growth, you may not think the investment in an enterprise solution is appropriate yet, but you may still need an LMS to manage your learning content. The open SaaS model we use for Totara Cloud means that organisations can start small and upgrade to a fully supported Totara LMS when the need arises, meaning no complicated switchovers. This highly flexible entry route to an LMS is a great compromise for growing businesses, enabling easy customisation and integration over time.

Organisations serving niche markets

Organisations serving niche markets may benefit from a low-risk LMS at the start, as they figure out the exact audience the LMS will need to serve. While the audience may be small at the outset, it could grow as the company becomes more successful, leading to a requirement to reach more partners, resellers or even customers. Open SaaS LMSs are ideal here, because there are no constraints on growing the service and adding more sophisticated features.

Corporate change agents

Within the departments of many larger organisations, you will often find corporate change agents who want to make a positive impact, but who are frustrated with the standard practices. These change agents want to prove the value of a change programme without being tied into an existing centrally controlled system, which may require IT involvement or political challenges. The Totara Cloud open SaaS model gives them the freedom to develop and defend the business case internally without having an impact on any existing LMS, the intranet or other systems. Over time, this allows the agent to show the success of the initiative to challenge the use of older, less agile systems, helping them drive the change they want to see in the organisation.

These are just a starting point - the open SaaS LMS model is a fantastic option for many organisations who may not yet be ready to commit to a full enterprise solution. If you’re interested in Totara Cloud, why not learn more about it here?



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