Hunkemöller delivers world-class service in 700 stores worldwide with Totara Learn 

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How do you make sure that every Hunkemöller shop in the world offers the same unique customer experience? With online world-class training for 5,000 employees in 17 countries.

About Hunkemöller

From their humble beginnings in Amsterdam in 1886, Hunkemöller is now Europe’s leading multi-channel lingerie brand, with over 700 stores and over 5,000 employees. They are the market leader in the Benelux countries and they are on an exciting journey to expand throughout Europe and beyond.

Did you know Hunkemöller opens a new store every 4 days?

The Challenge

Hunkemöller currently has over 700 stores and is expanding rapidly across the globe. In this case study, we talk about the consequences for Hunkemöller’s Learning & Development activities with Jolande van der Meer, Global Learning & Development Manager.

Business and training objective
For Hunkemöller it’s important that a customer experiences the same level of customer service no matter where, when or how she shops. This includes a combination of visual merchandising, products and of course a consistent level of customer service!   

Consistent World-class service
Jolande explains: “We already had an LMS with e-learning content, but the content and look and feel did not match with our brand values:

  • Fun
  • Passionate
  • Inspiring
  • In touch
  • Sexy

We were looking for a learning environment in line with our branding, our work method and our philosophy. Our ultimate goal is to deliver consistent global world-class service. In order to achieve this, we needed the right partners and tools.”

The Solution

Together with TinQwise and The Courseware Company we developed a training program that includes:

The Totara Learn learning platform tailored to Hunkemöller’s corporate identity and brand image.
Four newly developed e-learning modules: World Class Service, Bra Expert, Omni Channel and Plus One.

Our goal was for all employees to have completed 75% of the modules within three months. In the end, 75% of all employees were certified in less than 4 weeks!

Certificate and motivation

"Our employees are excited and proud - after obtaining a certificate - when they can call themselves an Expert. They share their experiences on Twitter using the hashtag #HKMacademy. Many employees share photos online with their obtained certificates. They know that the training is part of their job, but ultimately they enjoy it and they’re proud of the result!”

Introduction program and Shero

Hunkemöller’s primary target group is called Shero, a combination of the words 'she' and 'hero' -a confident, cosmopolitan, working woman of around 28 years old. She is also a role model in Hunkemöller’s perfect hiring and introduction process. During the recruitment and selection process Hunkemöller uses social media and video recruitment among other things. The welcome app ensures every new employee is a brand ambassador from day one: well prepared and motivated to get started.

The Result

“So far we are very satisfied with the result. The collaboration between the three of us wasn’t always easy, but the end result – the engaging e-learning content from TinQwise and a beautiful learning environment with certificates and open badges from Totara Learn – makes learning so much fun.”

Jolande continues: "We have already launched four modules, which have all been very successful.  We are currently busy preparing for the next launch: a 20-day, global, online, social and interactive introduction program. At the same time we are working in our Academy on reporting and integrations with other systems."

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