Partner Profile: Discendum

Discendum Ltd. offers efficient online services for managing learning and competencies as well as providing consulting services for organisations of all sizes. We spoke to Discendum on their experiences as a Totara Partner.

Why did you become a Totara Partner?

There were a lot of business customers using Moodle that needed a trustworthy and professionally developed solution in place of Moodle, and we believed that Totara was the right platform for that purpose.

How has Totara impacted your business?

We have successfully broadened our customer base as planned. We have increased our recognisability in the Finnish corporate world as a good and reliable Totara Learn service provider.  

What do your customers say about Totara?

"Totara Learn stood out from the options available in the market because the platform was versatile and cost-efficient. In addition, the platform was ready for use and didn't need customising. Because there are so many settings and ways to use the service, we have found a way to do things to meet nearly all of our needs. Totara Learn was different from its rivals also because the learning platform has been built with businesses in mind."

"Very flexible and versatile learning management system for content creators."


"Totara can be used to do a lot of things - a solution can always be found despite different users having different needs."

What are your main achievements as a Totara Partner?

One of the greatest achievements has been solving the overall solution of skills development at a corporate level for one of our key customers.

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