Partner Profile: LearnChamp

LearnChamp provides e-learning and Talent Management solutions for clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

They are experts for bespoke/custom content creation and have been providing Totara services for several years

What first made you realise that you could benefit from becoming a Totara Partner?

Knowing Moodle and its potential but also all of its constraints, Totara Learn closed all the gaps and was a compelling package for the corporate market.

Also the great setup of the Totara organisation overall. You could feel that the team knows open-source and how to make it successful.

What sets Totara apart from other learning platforms on the market?

Totara Learn has a complete and robust set of features that fulfil most of the needs corporate clients have with regards to an LMS (or beyond).

And that comes at a low total cost of ownership. In addition it provides freedom and flexibility, to enhance the product, to make it visually appealing, to address global audiences, and so much more. From whatever angle you look at it – it is a compelling deal for clients.

What are your key achievements as a result of your partnership?

Digital Learning solutions with a wow-factor. Especially because of the flexibility to provide great visual design and user journeys – in other word a great learning experience for learners/users.

What have been the key benefits of being a Totara Partner so far?

Totara gave us the ability to provide corporate clients with learning solutions that truly fit their requirements.

Compared to commercial software offerings it also gave us enough the possibility to offer a broad services offering on top of a functionally complete but cost effective application.

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