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Partner Profile: Mind Click   

Creative about learning

Mind Click are an established, growing learning technologies provider with extensive e-learning and LMS experience supporting global brands such as Tesco and Sky. As Totara Platinum partners, Mind Click are experts in Totara LMS implementations and customisation, providing solutions for both small and large learner numbers.

Passionate about keeping it simple, without compromising on quality, Mind Click focuses on each individual business’ needs and are passionate about offering organisations a tailored solution that works for them. Encompassing five years of stability, with all the added benefits of a lean, agile business, Mind Click are quick, efficient and responsive. They truly understand how to help organisations realise impactful training and tangible business results, without breaking the bank. They currently boast a 96% retention rate for all of their Totara LMS clients. Read case studies from organisations using Totara who have benefitted from Mind Click's expertise.

Why did you choose to be a partner? 

When we started over 5 years ago, we quickly discovered the shackles of the legacy LMS. We wanted something more flexible and discovered Moodle, which was great for us (and our customers) because of its customisation ability and open source nature.

When Totara LMS was released, we leapt at the chance to be a part of it. It had all the customisation ability and flexibility that Moodle offered, but was specifically designed with organisations in mind. We wanted to be a partner very early on because we get much greater visibility into developmental plans, which allows us to plan our own internal development.

The fact that open source is now becoming more well-known in the e-learning marketplace means that Totara is becoming recognised, and enabling us to collaborate with big brands including The Big Lottery Fund, Berlitz, Sky and The Royal Yachting Association.

We were one of the early partners, and that was such an exciting time. But to be honest, we’re just as excited about the continued innovations of Totara for the future. 

What benefits has Totara delivered to you as a partner and to your customers?

What Mind Click has established is that Totara often slots in with a bespoke service offering, as part of building a relationship with a customer. We were listed as a core challenger in the Elearnity 9-grid this year, and we feel like Totara completely compliments our bespoke e-learning offer, as it’s just as customisable as the e-learning we create.

Our customers love it, because you can keep it simple with Totara if that’s what you need. Equally, we’ve created platforms that function like an LMS, but look more like a website due to the high level of customisation. This adaptability and personalisation not only helps the industry to continue to push the boundaries of organisational learning and development, but allows businesses to adjust their training in necessary ways to keep up with the ‘always-on’ learner.

We’ve benefitted greatly being a partner of Totara, and our continued growing relationship with them has seen us achieve Platinum Partner status. This has undoubtedly allowed us to become a trustworthy and respected provider of learning services.


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