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  • 5 ways to use workforce analytics with your LMS to grow your profits Thursday, May 3, 2018

    Growing your company’s profits can look a lot different than the traditional chants of 'Sell sell sell'! Sometimes the most important way to increase profits is by finding inefficiencies in your systems. Whether we like to think of it that way or not, human resources has systems just like every other team, and finding the inefficiencies in your workforce onboarding, training, and succession planning can mean the difference between running lean and spending (wasting) thousands every year on hiring and attrition.

  • How open source learning management systems save you money Tuesday, May 1, 2018

    For many organisations, a learning management system will be the most expensive element of their learning programme. The LMS sets the foundation for your entire online learning offering, and can determine whether your entire programme succeeds or fails. A user-friendly, fully branded LMS with personalised, engaging content will keep users coming back for an easy learning experience, whereas requiring them to make too many clicks, confusing navigation or an unattractive, outdated look and feel will put them off and hinder your engagement rates.

  • 7 questions to ask LMS vendors at ATD 2018 Wednesday, April 11, 2018

    “So, what does your company do then?”

    We’ve all been there. You enter a huge industry exhibition with a specific objective from your boss, whether that’s ‘find three potential suppliers for X product’ or ‘find a company that will help us solve Y challenge’, or even ‘find out what the next big thing in our sector will be and how we can beat the rush’. But in reality, it’s much harder than simply turning up, having a few conversations and leaving with a perfect list of vendors and ideas to consider.

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