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  • Why the LMS market needs to change - but not how you think Wednesday, August 2, 2017

    While many are ready to write off the LMS, there are good reasons to think that learning management platforms are evolving to meet new requirements in an accelerating technological climate.

    There are plenty of plaintive cries across the learning technology sector, trying to sell you variations on these themes:

    The LMS is dead.

    Kill the LMS.

    The LMS is a dinosaur nearing extinction.

    X reasons why the LMS fails the modern learner.

    What’s next for the LMS?

  • Welcome to the Reinvention Economy Tuesday, January 31, 2017

    The skills you need today, are not the skills you need tomorrow. Lars Hyland, Chief Commercial Officer at Totara Learning, warns that we are entering an unprecedented era of accelerating change and learning what to learn and when is the key to staying relevant.

  • Volkswagen Scandal: Avoidable with Open Source? Monday, September 28, 2015

    Software is everywhere. You knew that already. But do you always know what that software is doing? As the recent Volkswagen ‘defeat device’ scandal has shown, when its true purpose is hidden, software can cause tremendous damage. Writing proprietary software that cheats on emissions tests goes beyond ‘cheating’ - it’s a criminal act and one that will leave the car manufacturer in reputational  - and financial - ruin, not to mention the impact on customers and the wider economy. Amid the various calls for fines, resignations, and jail time for VW executives responsible for this, one point particularly stood out to us: This wouldn’t have happened if the software was Open Source.

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